About us

S.A.S. is an investigative and security agency founded in 2007 by Bruno Suelotto, former member of the State Police. Currently followed by his son Samuel Suelotto specialized in intelligence and security. Since its inception, the company has expanded nationwide and today operates in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. S.A.S. is known for its experience in the field of investigations and security and represents a point of reference at a national and international level.

The company operates following a corporate social responsibility model that emphasizes the balance between ethics and commercial initiative. Ethics, legality and justice are the company’s guiding values.
To always guarantee the best level of service, S.A.S. has brought together a team of highly qualified professionals and consultants who collaborate to offer impeccable services and implement strategies suited to every request.

The team includes global security experts, former law enforcement personnel, university professors, legal experts and other highly trained professionals. This diverse group forms the company’s “brain system”, enabling it to effectively address its most complex challenges.


The mission of S.A.S. (SERVIZI AZIENDALI SPECIALI s.r.l.) is to provide exceptional and comprehensive services to its customers in different sectors. The daily commitment and professionalism of all members mean that the company stands out for its excellent organization.

The company aims to reduce implementation times, rationalize costs and employ qualified human resources, aiming to exceed customer expectations and obtain the best possible result.
Passion and innovation allow the business to constantly adapt and exceed industry standards.

One of the fundamental objectives is to build lasting relationships, to be a trusted partner for customers, providing them with tailor-made solutions that meet their specific needs. Through expertise and dedication, the company is committed to providing exceptional and cutting-edge services.

S.A.S. is renowned for its reliability and safety, as customers by relying on the services offered by the agency can reduce exposure to various risk factors and have the certainty that the right solution can be found for every problem. The agency offers a wide range of investigative and security services to private clients, companies and law firms, always maintaining seriousness and complete secrecy.


Human resources are considered one of the most important assets in all corporate sectors.
The S.A.S. recognizes this importance and employs highly qualified and trained personnel in compliance with Legislative Decree 81/2008 to achieve the highest quality standards in its services.

Corporate structure

  • Samuel Suelotto, graduated in political science and current license holder, specializes in Israel in security, intelligence and investigations at a national and international level, with particular attention to the threat of Islamic terrorism.
  • Daniel Suelotto, authorized investigator and currently administrative manager of the agency.
  • Bruno Suelotto, former member of the State Police and founder of the S.A.S.

In terms of legality, S.A.S. is in possession of the government authorization issued by the Trento Police Headquarters n° Id1733/Cat.16C/P.A.S.I./2023 art. 134 of the T.U.L.P.S..
The company’s objective is to guarantee customer safety, provide investigative and security services in compliance with the law, human rights and freedoms, collaborate with law enforcement agencies for the prevention of crimes and offer reliable and compliant services legal requirements.

The S.A.S. stands as a point of reference in the investigation and security sector for its competence, professionalism, reliability and commitment to providing high quality services in compliance with ethical values.

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NATO cage AJ389
UNGM number 580878
S.A.M. code 434733651

What they say about us

I have used the SAS investigations service several times, always with excellent results. Serious professionals with cutting-edge investigation techniques. I also recommend him for investigations to be carried out abroad due to the excellent skills they possess.
I met Samuel through an Italian law firm, I thank Samuel for his meticulous passion and attention to detail, thanks to which it was possible to identify the main cause of the presence of heavy metal pollution in cold/hot water for drinking purposes in construction residential. I highly recommend Samuel for all your technical needs, investigations and for the quality and skills of his support team.
Samuel is a dedicated security professional with vast knowledge in the areas of close protection, security coordination, security analysis, and security risks assessment and management. His experience in working with multinational organizations, in different countries has exposed and enriched him with the required field and practical experience necessary to excel in the field of safety and security management and protection. He is indeed a top professional in the security field.
Excellent service Attention to detail and great professionalism.
Ray P.
Security risk coordinator
I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Samuel on several occasions in the field of security and investigative activities in Rome and elsewhere and I can say that he is a very reliable, serious, respectful, professional person with a high sense of duty. Furthermore, he is very good at interpersonal relationships, capable of working individually or in a group. A person of a vast, especially geopolitical and social "world" culture which makes him very intelligent, open and almost visionary in his work. It's a real pleasure to work with him.
Samuel is an very experienced expert in security business; I was working with him during many times and he supported us in the field of executive protection and events security. I´d say he´s a reliable person and a good friend. I can recommend him for all kind of security service. You´ll find him as a human with a lot of skills and interest! Thank you Samuel for your collaboration.
Before evaluating the professional aspect, I would like to underline that Samuel (the owner) is a person with uncommon empathy, an aspect that absolutely should not be underestimated as it is an extremely useful social skill and a gift of few. As regards the professional aspect, there is no shadow of doubt in stating that the S.A.S. Investigation is made up of a group of extremely efficient professionals, excellently organized and with preparations and skills that reach levels of absolute excellence in this field. A professional figure who perhaps is not recognized in our territory or whose culture/mentality is not known about but widely and widely used in other countries around the world, deserves great resonance and word of mouth among its customers. Not to be demagogic but I invite you to try it to believe it, it is a 360 degree service in the analysis, consultancy and type of actions to be taken phase. I conclude by deeply thanking the s.a.s. Investigation because they found a quick and effective solution in record time. If there was the possibility I would give 10 stars to this agency.

Office working hours

S.A.S. Investigazioni & Sicurezza – P. iva IT 02314820222 

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