S.A.S. (Servizi Aziendali Speciali srl) is an investigation and security agency founded in 2007 by Bruno Suelotto, a former policeman with twenty years of experience in the State Police and ten others in private security. After working in various departments, including the anti-terrorist squads, Bruno decided to devote himself to private security and became manager and license holder of Vigile San Marco Spa in Trento. In 2007, together with his sons Samuel and Daniel, he decided to open his own agency, giving life to S.A.S.

About us

Bruno Suelotto

Bruno Suelotto began his career in the State Police in the 70s in South Tyrol, working in the anti-terrorism squads directly reporting to the Ministry of the Interior, and then moved to the Traffic Police section of Trento. After twenty years of service in the Police, he decided to pursue a career in private security.

Daniel Suelotto

Daniel Suelotto, after completing training courses in Israel and South Africa, obtains authorization from the Trento Police Headquarters as an authorized investigator employed by S.A.S. and currently holds the role of administrative manager at the S.A.S.

Samuel Suelotto

Samuel Suelotto, Bruno’s other son, studied in Israel and graduated in Protection Operational Management, surveillance and anti-surveillance techniques, and tactical security. He obtained the necessary authorization from the Trento Police Headquarters to become the Operations Manager of the agency. Samuel specializes in national and international security and intelligence, with a focus on Islamic terrorism.

The international experiences of Samuel Suelotto

Samuel has accumulated significant experience in the field of security and intelligence internationally. In 2014 he enrolled in the Faculty of Political Science for International Relations and in 2016 he was called to carry out various services in Pakistan on behalf of an internationally renowned non-governmental organization. During his two-year stay in Pakistan, he collaborated with various international organizations such as UN, WHO, WFP and local law enforcement agencies.

During his time in Pakistan, Samuel served in several cities, including Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and Karachi, working in collaboration with international and local organizations, gaining extensive knowledge of Asian dynamics.

The academic training of Samuel Suelotto

After his return to Italy, Samuel graduated in Political Science for International Relations. Structuring his thesis on the experiences lived in first person in Asia and the Middle East, deepening the political and security dynamics of the region. His academic background and field experiences have prepared him to face global security and intelligence challenges.

S.A.S. and its services

S.A.S. is renowned for its expertise and professionalism in the field of investigations and security. The agency offers a wide range of services to individuals, companies and law firms, guaranteeing reliability, seriousness and secrecy. Among its main objectives are:

  • Ensure customer safety.
  • Provide investigative and security services to companies and individuals to protect their interests in Italy and in the world, respecting human rights and freedoms.
  • Collaborate with law enforcement agencies to prevent crimes that put people’s safety at risk.
  • Offer a reliable and quality private investigation and security service, in accordance with the legal needs of customers.

During these years S.A.S. has been called to carry out very delicate services for clients such as the former Secretary of the United Nations during a visit to Turin in 2009, as well as for important companies such as Equitalia spa, Unicredit bank spa and Whirpool. Thanks to its consolidated reputation, S.A.S. is known and appreciated both in Italy and abroad, having collaborated with customers and organizations in numerous countries, including Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Israel, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Niger, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia and many others.


S.A.S. is an investigation and security agency founded by Bruno Suelotto and managed together with his sons Daniel and Samuel. Thanks to the experience gained in the field of public and private security, S.A.S. offers reliable and quality services to individuals, companies and law firms. The agency is distinguished by its expertise in the field of international intelligence and security, having carried out services in several countries around the world. S.A.S. is committed to ensuring the safety of its customers and providing customized solutions to meet their needs.

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What they say about us

Anna B. (Lawyer)

I have used several times the service of the sas investigations always with excellent results. Serious professionals with cutting-edge investigation techniques. I also recommend it for investigations to be carried out abroad for the excellent skills they possess.

Roberto S. (Engineer)

I met Samuel through an Italian law firm, I thank Samuel for his meticulous passion and attention to the details, thanks to which it was possible to identify the root cause of heavy metal pollution presence in a cold/hot water for drinking use in residential building. I highly suggest Samuel for all technical needs, investigations and for the quality and skills of his support team.

David Adam M. (Field Security Coordination Officer at UNDSS)

Samuel is a dedicated security professional with vast knowledge in the areas of close protection, security coordination, security analysis, and security risks assessment and management. His experience in working with multinational organizations, in different countries has exposed and enriched him with the required field and practical experience necessary to excel in the field of safety and security management and protection. He is indeed a top professional in the security field.
Ray P. (Security risk coordinator)
Excellent service  Attention to detail and great professionalism

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