In business, corporate fraud poses a serious threat to companies of all sizes. Fraud can occur both inside and outside the company, with significant financial and reputational consequences. This article will explore the different forms of corporate fraud, focusing on internal and external fraud, and provide insight into how companies can protect themselves through corporate investigations.

Internal Business Fraud

Internal business fraud occurs when employees or managers of the company commit fraudulent acts against the company itself. This may include misappropriation of assets or money, manipulation of accounting books, appropriation of confidential information, or exploitation of company data for personal purposes. Internal fraud can be difficult to detect, as those who commit it often have access to the company’s systems and information.

To prevent internal business fraud, companies must take a number of security measures. First, it is important to have a strong internal control system, including a clear separation of tasks and a regular review of financial activities. Second, companies should promote an ethical corporate culture, where transparency, integrity, and honesty are core values. In addition, companies can implement advanced technology tools, such as employee activity monitoring software and fraud detection systems, to identify suspicious behavior and prevent internal fraud.

External corporate fraud

External business fraud occurs when individuals or organizations outside the company seek to take advantage through fraudulent activities. This may include fraud against customers, suppliers, or business partners of the company, such as scams, forgeries, counterfeits, or financial fraud. External corporate fraud can damage the company’s reputation and cause considerable financial losses.

To protect themselves from external business fraud, companies must take several preventive measures. First, it is important to do proper due diligence before embarking on a new business partnership or doing business with new suppliers or customers. This means conducting extensive research into the reputation and reliability of the parties involved. Second, companies should implement strict policies and procedures for risk management and fraud prevention. For example, you may need security audits on potential customers or suppliers, as well as the implementation of cross-checking procedures for financial transactions.

Business investigations to protect your business from fraud

S.A.S. plays a fundamental role in the prevention and detection of corporate fraud. Investigations can be carried out internally or externally. Investigation activity can reveal fraudulent behavior, identify perpetrators, and gather evidence to support legal action.

During a business investigation, several tools and techniques are used to gather information. These may include interviews with employees or contractors, analysis of financial transactions, review of business documents, and more. It is important that business investigations are conducted in a professional manner, complying with applicable laws and regulations, and ensuring the confidentiality of the information collected.


Corporate fraud, both internal and external, poses a significant threat to companies in every industry. However, through the implementation of preventive measures and the support of the S.A.S. in investigations against internal or external fraud, companies can protect themselves from fraud and preserve their reputation and financial resources.


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