All companies in Italy and in the world, regardless of the sector, benefit from corporate investigations.  External or internal threats can have harmful consequences if left unchecked.

It is possible to identify illicit behaviors and mitigate the risks that affect the organization and management of the company.

When we carry out a survey, we look at internal and external risk factors that could have an impact on the working environment and rents.

Whether you are a large company or a start-up, the verification will consist of several phases, to analyze all the information.  During this time, your S.A.S. consultant will assess your needs with a series of specific questions to better understand your situation and provide you with the appropriate recommendations and advice.

The time required for an investigation depends on many factors, in particular the complexity of the case.

Our work is aimed at solving the most varied problems posed by the customer. Most of our clients choose to rely on our staff using investigative services regularly, motivated by the impact on their profits.


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