Drug and alcohol use in the workplace is an increasingly common problem among young people and can have devastating consequences for the individual and the company. It is essential to clarify the laws governing the use of drugs, providing information on the punish ability and legal and labor consequences.

The prohibition of drug use

According to Article 75 of Presidential Decree 309/90, the use of narcotics is prohibited. Even the possession of any type of narcotic substance, even in small quantities and for personal use, is considered illegal and punished with administrative sanctions. In addition, the Italian legal system severely punishes drug dealing, with imprisonment and a fine for anyone who cultivates, produces, sells, distributes, or possesses narcotic or psychotropic substances.

The penalties are as follows:

  • For hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin, imprisonment ranges from 8 to 20 years, accompanied by a fine.
  • For soft drugs, imprisonment ranges from 2 to 6 years, in addition to administrative penalties such as fines.

The consequences of consumption and drug dealing in the workplace

Drug use and dealing inside or outside the workplace have serious legal and labor consequences. In addition to the penalties listed above, the employee or worker who is guilty of such activities may be dismissed immediately.

The Supreme Court in 2017 considered legitimate a dismissal for drugs, even in minimal quantities and for personal use. According to the Court, the consumption of drugs by a bus driver considered a high-risk job, violates the “ethical minimum” and puts the safety of the persons transported at risk. Therefore, involvement in drugs or the simple possession of drugs for personal use, such as cocaine, can damage the reputation of the employer and undermine trust in the employment relationship.

Nor is the distinction between soft and hard drugs decisive: both can lead to dismissals and legal sanctions.

Timely intervention to prevent critical situations

It is essential to intervene promptly if drug use or dealing is suspected in the workplace. Before the situation can escalate, it is advisable to turn to authorized professional investigators to ensure the safety of your employees and the reputation of the company.

S.A.S. is an investigation agency specializing in the management of corporate investigations. It offers investigative services to combat drug and alcohol use in the workplace, providing concrete evidence that can be used to take the right disciplinary or legal measures.

Corporate investigations to combat drug use

Corporate investigations are a powerful tool for identifying and combating drug use in the workplace. Our investigators carry out thorough investigations to gather evidence, using surveillance techniques and the use of state-of-the-art tools. The information collected is presented accurately and in detail, ensuring maximum reliability of the results.

Discreet and professional surveillance

S.A.S. operates with the utmost discretion, guaranteeing the confidentiality of investigations. They use highly specialized surveillance techniques to monitor employee activities, identifying any suspicious behavior related to drug use. Thanks to their experience and professionalism, they can collect solid and reliable evidence.

Collection of legally valid evidence

The evidence gathered by our investigators is legally valid and can be used to take appropriate disciplinary or legal action. The information is presented in a clear and detailed manner, providing a comprehensive overview of the situation and actions taken by employees involved in drug use.

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is key to combating drug use in the workplace. Companies can take several measures to create a healthy and safe working environment:

  1. Clear company policies: It is essential to have clear and well-defined company policies regarding drug and alcohol use in the workplace. These policies should be communicated to employees in a clear and regular manner.
  2. Awareness programs: Organizing awareness programs about the consequences of drug and alcohol use can help employees understand the risks involved and adopt responsible behaviors.
  3. Support and counseling: Offering support and advice to employees struggling with addiction issues can help prevent situations of drug use in the workplace. Companies can provide resources and assistance programs for employees seeking help.
  4. Collaboration with law enforcement: It is important to work with law enforcement to combat drug use and dealing in the workplace. Reporting any suspicious activity can help ensure employee safety and the legality of the company.


Drug and alcohol use in the workplace is a serious problem that requires prompt action. Companies need to be aware of the laws governing drug use and take preventive measures to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. In case of suspicion, S.A.S. can make the difference in safeguarding employees and protecting corporate reputation. Prevention is always better than cure, and prevention starts with a clear company policy, awareness programs, and active support for employees.

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