Due diligence is a term derived from Anglo-Saxon law which means “due diligence” to emphasize the care and confidentiality with which it must be carried out.

Today the word due diligence indicates the investigative process put in place to analyze the value and conditions of a company, a detailed analysis of the background and its reputation to determine the opportunity for an investment, a merger, an acquisition, or any business relationship.

The objective of due diligence is to evaluate the opportunity and convenience of the transaction, determine the fair value of the company and ascertain whether or not there are critical elements capable of compromising the successful outcome of the negotiation.

Due diligence is also a guarantee for both parties of the success and speed of the transaction and makes it possible to prevent economic losses and legal consequences from arising after the signing of the contract through disputes or litigation, damage to the image, and financial risks.

For this reason, the field of investigation of due diligence is very broad and takes into account all the information relating to the company being acquired, with particular reference to the following aspects:

  • the structure of the company and its organizational structure;
  • the target and the reference market;
  • the guarantees and contractual conditions;
  • the useful elements to define the price;
  • the critical factors;
  • commercial strategies;
  • administrative and management procedures;
  • economic and financial data;
  • tax aspects;
  • the legal aspects;
  • the potential risks of the company related to both national and international assets, eg. structures, plants, machinery;
  • verification of suppliers.

The private investigators of the S.A.S. know exactly what information to look for during a due diligence investigation. The private investigators of the S.A.S. will be able to provide you with accurate information as efficiently as possible. 

Our private investigators will use forensic accounting investigations, background checks, surveillance, mystery shopping, resource searches, financial investigations, and undercover investigation methods to uncover the real workings of a specific company.

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