Employee absenteeism can create significant productivity and profitability problems for a company. The law provides that a worker may, legitimately, take time off work for various reasons, such as family, personal or health reasons. However, when absence becomes a routine, it could hide other situations, such as a second job, the extension of weekends or holidays, or even the simulation of assistance to a family member (law 104). In these cases, the company can use an authorized detective agency to ascertain the real reasons for absenteeism and, if confirmed, proceed with the dismissal for just cause of the employee.

The importance of private investigations in companies

Private investigations carried out by a detective agency, through qualified private investigators, can provide the company with the information and evidence necessary to take legal action against absentee employees. The evidence collected will be included in an investigative dossier that will have evidentiary value in the trial. In this way, the company will be able to protect its productivity and profitability, ensuring a healthy and responsible working environment.

How S.A.S. works

S.A.S. is an authorized detective agency and has qualified private investigators who carry out carefully planned investigations and conducted in compliance with the laws and the rights of the persons involved. These professionals operate with discretion, ensuring maximum confidentiality during investigations.

Investigations may include several stages, such as observation and surveillance of the absentee employee, collection of photographic or video evidence, analysis of documents and records, interview of witnesses and cooperation with the competent authorities, if necessary.

Benefits of using a detective agency

Hiring an authorized detective agency to combat company absenteeism offers numerous advantages for a company:

  1. Time and energy saving: The detective agency takes care of all phases of the investigation, allowing the company to focus on its core activities without having to devote internal resources to ascertaining absences.
  2. Legally valid evidence: The evidence collected by the detective agency is admissible in court and can be used to take legal action against absentee employees.
  3. Reduce absenteeism: The presence of a detective agency can act as a deterrent to employees who may be tempted to abuse their absences.
  4. Improving the business climate: Eliminating unjustified absenteeism helps create a more positive work environment, where employees feel incentivized to be present and engaged.
  5. Protection of company assets: The investigations carried out by the investigative agency allow to identify any fraud or illegal behavior that could damage the company.


Corporate absenteeism is a challenge for many companies, but using a licensed detective agency can help counteract this problem. Through thorough and confidential investigations, the detective agency provides the company with the information and evidence necessary to take legal action against absentee employees. This helps protect the productivity and profitability of the company, creating a responsible and healthy work environment.

Contacting an authorized detective agency such as S.A.S. can be the best choice for companies that want to deal with absenteeism and ensure the proper performance of work activities. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to evaluate the best solution for your business needs.

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