GPS tracking

GPS equipment monitoring: S.A.S. has developed a vehicle tracking solution in both the corporate and private sectors. The installed equipment is among the most advanced and uses the technologies of the devices on the market today. It is combined with the movement monitoring system using a GPS device. We are able to offer a complete, reliable and intuitive system to provide real-time information on the positions of the vehicles to be tracked.

Tracker type overview: The device offers up to 6 weeks of uninterrupted monitoring on 1 battery charge and has an SOS panic button for generating alarms. This small, lightweight, portable and rechargeable unit offers a soft case for personal use or a protective hard case with powerful magnets for applications under vehicles.

The unit is completely waterproof. The new GPS circuits benefit from the most advanced tracking technology, which allows the signal to be transmitted via satellites, or via 3G cell towers, offering a high level of accuracy in vehicle tracking, even in extreme weather conditions.

Monitoring system: The system is connected to monitoring systems active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at our. operational center in Italy. The software integrates google maps, google street view and several other open net map sources to provide real-time tracking. Our digital mapping dashboard allows instant identification of all active trackers anywhere in the world and with the click of a button we are able to focus on a single tracker and view or download past and updated information on all movements and activities.

Our system records information such as: position, routes traveled, distances traveled, speed, vehicle acceleration / braking, duration of stops, etc. The geo Fence can be set with alarms generated in case of violation or deviation of the route by sending a message to the control center.

Reports are also generated on a daily or weekly basis which can subsequently be sent directly to the customer.

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