By corporate infidelity, we mean all incorrect and harmful behaviors committed by employees or collaborators who are unfaithful to the company, behaviors that manifestly violate the obligation of professional loyalty towards the employer. In Italy, article 2105 of the civil code (RD March 16, 1942, n.262-updated to decree October 26, 2020, n.147) loyalty obligations: Employees are not authorized to compete with entrepreneurs on their own or on behalf of third parties, and must not divulge information on the organization and production methods of the company, nor suffer prejudice.

“If you suspect that partners and/or employees are harmful to your company, you can choose to request the intervention of an” authorized “detective agency. Our investigators have acquired considerable experience in corporate investigations aimed at finding documentary evidence to be produced in court. Once the investigations have been completed, an investigative report with evidential value will be issued, which can be used in court to document and prove the unlawful behavior of unfaithful partners and employees toward the company. In addition, detectives can participate, as witnesses, in the trial proceedings.

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