There are two types of intelligence: institutional and private.   The first researches and analyzes information useful for the decision-making process of political and government leaders. 

  • Private intelligence, on the other hand, favors the decision-making process of the private entrepreneur or manager, who is entrusted with a file with the information requested by him. The recipient of the intelligence report determines, in fact, the distinction between institutional and private intelligence. 
  • If the first deals with collecting and analyzing information useful for the decision-making process at an institutional/political level, the second carries out the same actions but “at the private corporate level”.     

All managers, to be able to decide, must have a commercial prospectus of investments, must be clear about the economic landscape in which to invest, and must also know the risks that can be linked to the personnel employed, the country, terrorism, the political situation, etc. 

Private intelligence is an activity that offers solutions based on a company’s risk analysis. In the corporate decision-making process, the risks of an investment must be assessed, i.e. when deciding to invest abroad, the financial and economic aspects must be considered, but also the aspects related to the political situation, crime, terrorist activity, health, and environmental. 


The interconnection of world markets leads companies to expand outside their national offices, turning their attention abroad with the prospect of greater earnings. However, interest in foreign markets may involve concrete risks. 

To protect infrastructure, fulfill their duties, care for employees and maintain their reputation, companies need to have a complete picture of the political, social, and economic environment in which they operate. 

This allows them to make targeted decisions on feasibility and, should they decide to proceed, to be aware of any possible weaknesses. With this information, customers take the necessary measures to minimize risks internally, or they can use the support of our Operations Team.


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