Intelligence is a key component for decision-making, both at the institutional and political level and in the business context. There are two types of intelligence: institutional intelligence and private intelligence. While the former is concerned with collecting and analyzing information useful for decision-making at the government level, the latter focuses on decision support for private entrepreneurs and managers.

What is private intelligence?

Private intelligence is an activity that offers solutions based on the collection and analysis of information for companies. In business decision-making, it is essential to assess the risks associated with an investment. This means considering not only the financial and economic aspects but also those related to the political, criminal, terrorist, environmental, and health situation.

The aim is to provide a complete picture of the political, social, and economic context in which a company operates. This allows decision-makers to make informed investment feasibility decisions and, if they decide to proceed, to be aware of any weaknesses.

Why is private intelligence important in the business context?

Companies are increasingly interested in expanding beyond national borders to seek new opportunities for growth and earnings. However, this expansion also entails real risks. To protect infrastructure, fulfill their duties, care for employees, and maintain their reputation, companies must have a thorough understanding of the environment in which they operate.

Understand the business environment

Private intelligence allows companies to understand the business environment in which they operate. This includes assessing the political, regulatory, economic, and social conditions that may affect business activities. For example, a company that is considering expanding to a new country must be aware of that country’s laws, tax regulations, government policies, environmental climate assessments, criminal and terrorist activities. This information allows the company to assess potential threats and opportunities before making a decision.

Identify and assess risks

It is essential to identify and assess the risks associated with an investment or business operation. This may include assessing risks related to security, reputation, personnel, competition, and regulatory compliance. For example, a company that is considering acquiring another company must conduct thorough due diligence to assess the financial, legal and operational risks associated with the transaction. Private intelligence provides the information you need to make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks.

Preventing and managing crises

Intelligence is crucial to preventing and managing business crises. Through the analysis of available information, it is possible to identify signs of a potential crisis and take preventive measures to prevent it from occurring. In the event of an emergency, private intelligence provides timely and accurate information to deal with the situation as effectively as possible.

How to get private intelligence services?

S.A.S. offers a wide range of services, including information gathering and analysis, risk and threat assessment, corporate security, and crisis management. The information collected is presented to customers in the form of detailed reports and is supported by our team of analysts who can provide advice and assistance in business decisions.

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