Law firms and lawyers know that to support their work and achieve better results, they can rely on professionals specialized in the field of private investigations. A licensed professional private investigator can play a critical role in researching and gathering information for criminal defense, providing legally acquired evidence that can support the line of defense.

The Support of the Private Investigator in Criminal Defense

When it comes to defending a client in a criminal case, the lawyer must be able to gather solid and reliable evidence to support his defense. In this context, the private investigator can play an essential role.

Research and Collection of Information

The professional private investigator is experienced in researching and gathering information. Using advanced investigative techniques, such as document analysis, witness tracing, and discreet surveillance, the investigator can obtain valuable information for the case. His experience in the field of private investigations allows him to identify reliable sources and collect legally acquired evidence.

Documentation of Facts

Another important task of the private investigator is the documentation of the facts. Using state-of-the-art technological tools and specialized investigative techniques, the investigator can collect audio, video, and photographic evidence that can be used to support the client’s defense. This evidence can be critical to proving the client’s innocence.

Support to the Defensive Line

The professional private investigator works closely with the lawyer to provide information to support the defense line. The evidence collected by the investigator can be used to create solid defense strategies and to contradict the evidence presented by the prosecution. The collaboration between the lawyer and the private investigator is essential to achieve positive results in the case.

The Investigative Services offered by S.A.S. Investigazioni

S.A.S. is a private detective agency that offers complete investigative services for law firms and lawyers throughout Italy. Our many years of experience in the field of private investigations make S.A.S. a reliable partner to support the work of lawyers in criminal defense.


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