The missing person tracing service aims to track down those people who for no apparent reason have disappeared into thin air, without them showing suffering or discomfort behavior. This type of service is one of the most complex and most delicate an investigator engages in. To trace a person, careful and accurate investigative activity is required as often the information is very little (if not completely absent).            

There are usually two types of investigations to track down missing persons:         

  • The first aims to track down those missing people for no reason, leaving family, friends, colleagues, etc. in despair. and, this is also the most complex one.                   
  • Think how difficult it is to find a person who does not want to be found.                        

In this case, our investigators will analyze all the information on the case, will interview people and witnesses, and make targeted stalking to trace the missing person.                   

The second aims at tracing adults who wanted to leave voluntarily due to: family disagreements, disappointments in love, work, illness, and many other reasons.      

Both types of investigations require great experience and great investigative capacity for this reason we recommend that you always rely on a legally authorized investigative agency.

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