Prenuptial investigations are vital for those who have doubts about the person they are about to marry. It’s completely normal to have suspicions about your partner’s fidelity, especially if you experience unexplained or ambiguous behavior. However, such doubts can undermine trust in the relationship, leading to long-term negative consequences. To restore trust or confirm your suspicions, you can rely on an authorized detective agency, such as S.A.S. Investigazioni, to obtain accurate information and make informed decisions.

Why Choose Premarital Investigations?

Investigating before marriage may seem like a drastic move, but it’s an opportunity to ensure your safety and protect your future. Often, people tend to downplay their suspicions, ignoring obvious signs of harmful behavior or scams. However, these situations can result in separation caused by marital infidelity or other violations that could have been avoided with a prior investigation. Realize that your happiness and well-being are at stake, and investing in a premarital investigation is one way to take control of your life.

What You Can Expect from a Premarital Survey

When you decide to avail yourself of prenuptial investigations, you can expect a thorough and detailed process that will provide you with clear information about the person you are about to marry. S.A.S. will undertake different activities to better understand your partner and his real intentions. Here are some of the typical steps of a premarital investigation:

  1. Collection of Information

S.A.S. will collect detailed information about your partner, such as their daily routine, habits, social relationships, and behaviors in general. This will help get a complete view of the person and identify discrepancies or suspicious behavior.

  1. Motion Monitoring

A crucial element of premarital investigations is tracking your partner’s movements. Discreet surveillance techniques will be used to understand where he is, who he meets with, and what he does during his unmotivated absences or moments of ambiguity. This can reveal important details about his sincerity and loyalty.

  1. Verification of Online Activities

In the digital age, many aspects of our lives are traceable online. A prenuptial survey may include verifying your partner’s online activities, such as their social media accounts, dating sites, or other platforms. This can provide additional information about his sincerity and intentions.

  1. Finding Information About Past Relationships

Knowing your partner’s past is essential to better understand their personality and current behaviors. S.A.S. will conduct research to obtain information about your partner’s past relationships, any divorces or separations, and other details that could influence your decision to marry him.

  1. Analysis of Results

Once the investigation is complete, a detailed report will be provided with all the results and evidence collected. This will give you a clear view of the situation and help you make informed decisions about your future marriage.


Prenuptial investigations may seem like a drastic step, but they represent an opportunity to protect your happiness and well-being. Relying on an authorized detective agency such as S.A.S. Investigazioni will allow you to obtain accurate information about the person you are about to marry, making informed decisions. Remember, your safety and happiness are paramount; a premarital investigation can help you preserve them. Don’t be afraid to seek the truth and take control of your life.

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