Importance of event security and authorized personnel

The safety of public events is of paramount importance to ensure the well-being and protection of all participants. The circular of the Ministry of the Interior of 18 July 2018 underlines the importance of having authorized and trained personnel to ensure a safe environment during events.

Authorized personnel must be able to handle emergency situations, identify and respond to potential threats, and cooperate with law enforcement. It is essential that these professionals are properly trained and have a thorough understanding of safety procedures and regulations.

Main requirements to ensure safe and secure events.

To ensure that public events and demonstrations are safe and secure, it is essential to follow the main requirements defined in the circular of the Ministry of the Interior of 18 July 2018. These requirements include pre-event planning, identifying potential risks, implementing appropriate security measures, and cooperating with competent authorities.

Before the event, a thorough risk assessment should be carried out and a detailed security plan developed. The plan should include traffic management, access control, surveillance, and emergency communication. During the event, it is essential to implement all the safety measures provided, constantly monitor the environment, and ensure that staff are adequately trained to handle any eventuality.

Implementation of the guidelines of the circular of the Ministry of the Interior

To ensure compliance with the Ministry of the Interior circular of July 18, 2018, it is necessary to implement the guidelines provided in the document. This requires close cooperation between event organizers, authorized staff, and competent authorities.

Event organizers must be fully aware of the provisions contained in the circular and take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of events. Authorized personnel must be properly trained and trained to handle emergency situations and cooperate with law enforcement. Competent authorities, on the other hand, must provide support and supervision to ensure that events are.

It is essential that the organizers of events and demonstrations fully understand the ministerial provision, which provides important obligations and penalties for those who do not comply with the provisions contained therein.

The circular lists several sanctions that can be applied in case of violation of the security provisions of public events. These penalties may include fines, suspensions, or revocation of authorizations, as well as prosecution in the most serious cases. It is therefore essential for event organizers and authorized personnel to understand the implications of these sanctions and to take all necessary measures to avoid violations.

The S.A.S., provides security services for events and demonstrations in accordance with the Circular of the Ministry of the Interior of 18 July 2018 which revises the obligations established by the previous legislative decree on 28 August 1997, and defined in 2014 by the Conference State – Regions and Prov. Autonomous Trento and Bolzano, which until the new regulation constitutes the “guidelines on the organization of health aid in scheduled events and demonstrations”, ie the operational indications to be applied.


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