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Stalking is a series of attitudes held by an individual that afflicts another person, persecuting him and generating states of anxiety and fear, which can compromise the normal course of everyday life.

Stalking is a pattern of behavior:

  • voluntary, conscious, and targeted, in fact, the aggressor intends to carry out this behavior and is aware of the victim’s identity, aiming to obtain precise effects on her;

  • malevolent;
  • repeated and/or prolonged over time.

How does a stalker work?

Repeated and nagging intrusive communications such as:

  • persistent phone calls (silent, aggressive, or coprolalic);
  • junk and disturbing mail (cards, letters, fax messages, messages left on the property);
  • repeated and nagging sending of gifts (e.g. flowers);
  • cyber-stalking through IT systems.

Unwanted contacts for direct control of the victim through:

  • intrusive home visits;
  • intrusive workplace visits;

o for indirect control, stalking the victim and/or spying on him/her in their environment at:

  • the house;
  • the car;
  • access to the house.

For the configuration of the crime of stalking, even in the absence of a physical meeting between the victim and the accused, a few messages via WhatsApp and a phone call with a threatening tone are sufficient, which leads to a change in the habits of the offended person. This is established by the Criminal Cassation with sentence 2 January 2019, n. 61.

The anti-stalker investigations identify the perpetrator of the crime and his harassing actions, whether through telephone calls; messages, and threats of all kinds, that any damage to the victim’s property.

Over the years we have gained extensive experience in investigations relating to stalking, threats, harassment, and stalking. Our investigators aim to identify the stalker by providing evidence of the subject’s behavior, highlighting the behavior of the same by providing video / photographic evidence, to be used in court.

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