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The Italian jurisprudence prohibits the employer from firing an employee, unless there are reasons of just cause, or when an employee has committed serious violations during the performance of his work, which affects the company or its heritage.

Among the various types of dismissal for just cause, there is theft, which is not always based on money, but the theft can also be of materials, tools, garments, etc., and is perpetrated with the awareness of causing damage to the company assets.

Over time the S.A.S. has dealt with many cases relating to thefts within companies and based on the experience gathered it is a phenomenon that should not be underestimated for a whole series of reasons, because the thefts, even if initially they are of little importance, over time over time, they can cause considerable damage to the assets or reputation of the company itself.

Indeed, investigative activities cannot be carried out to prove whether or not a worker carries out his work, but it is equally true that carrying out investigations on employees is feasible when there is a suspicion that this has repeatedly implemented actions that could harm the company.

It will be the task of the investigative agency to collect, through its qualified private investigators, all the information and use evidence to be presented in court. In this way, the employer will be able to proceed legally against the strong employee of the investigative file.

This document, prepared by the agency at the end of the mandate, is intended to collect evidence in support of the position of the employer and, above all, has probative value in the trial context.

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