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Travel security

Travel Security is an Operational and Consulting Service available for companies and/or individuals who, for different reasons, need to be able to travel safely. In today’s world, all traveling personnel can run into situations that could put their safety at risk, especially if they travel in high-risk areas.

The goal is to help our clients to mitigate the risks by preventing and adequately managing any dangerous situations that could arise during a trip.

Some of the risks are listed below:

Health Risks: 

unfortunately, not all countries in the World have western health standards. When traveling in the African, Asian, and South American continents, the personnel is not only exposed to endemic diseases, but it’s also easy to run into Health Care facilities with sanitary conditions that are not ideal.

Natural Risks:

these can be the most diverse, as they come from hydrogeological, seismic, and/or volcanic factors. Proper analysis and development of specific standard procedures will reduce the reaction time, hence reducing the risks of incidents.


terrorism is no longer a problem relegated to specific geographical areas (such as the Middle East or North Africa); it is now a problem that most countries in the world must face, albeit to varying degrees depending on the area concerned. Our team, which specialized in terrorism, has divided the affected areas into three levels rated Low – Medium – High. For each level, our personnel will identify and examine the existing threats and will implement procedures aimed at minimizing the risks for the crew.


before embarking on a trip, the traveling staff should be aware of the level of criminal activities at the destination, the modus operandi of the criminal organizations, the most dangerous areas, how to move while keeping a low profile, and all those attitudes aimed at preventing any criminal act.

Political Risks: 

the world is constantly changing and it is not uncommon to see news of uprisings, anti-government protests, coups, and more in the newspapers. Before reaching certain areas, it is desirable to check the political situation of the Country and/or the region and be alert for any sudden political change.

Before leaving for certain areas, it is good to be informed about the political situation of the place and/or the state and be ready for any political changes during your stay.


Country report

Risk analysis of the area concerned

Travel planning and management

Procedure development (SOP)

H24 monitoring 7 days a week for direct and indirect threats

Crisis management

Emergency and evacuation plans

Operational support through the use of CPOs

Supply of B6 or soft skinned vehicles

Technical and logistic support in the area concerned

Daily, weekly, monthly report

Training for staff in high risk areas

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