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Undercover investigation

Today’s criminals are becoming more and more experts in stealing information related to a company’s business.

Detecting criminal activity to protect companies from exploiting and compromising their products requires extreme measures and extensive experience.

One of these measures is the use of a competent private investigator with specialized and discreet investigative techniques. If you have noticed suspicious behavior of your business partner or employee and want to be sure that your sixth sense is right, do not hesitate to contact us we can help you get the answers you are looking for.

All companies encounter problems in the management of the activity and in the management of employee behavior and disputes.

These can be trivial, like petty thefts; or harmful such as internal sabotage, espionage, violent activities towards the structure or towards people.

All these problems are important and the methods and speed with which they are managed can determine the success or failure of a company.

S.A.S. will help you maintain the security of your company and at the same time we will help you gather the necessary information through an undercover investigation.

We will help you confirm your fears or not and, if confirmed, put an end to your problems.

For more information on the execution of the service, contact the S.A.S.

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