Witness search investigations are a key activity in the context of defense investigations. The objective of these investigations is to identify people who can testify on behalf of the accused, providing evidence that proves that he is not involved in the accusations made. However, this type of investigation is extremely complex and requires a professional and discreet approach. The S.A.S. investigations represent a valuable resource in this area, offering specialized skills in the search and management of witnesses.

The complexity of witness search investigations

Witness search investigations take place in a sensitive context where witnesses may feel wary or exposed to possible retaliation. Often, it occurs that people who initially show a willingness to testify, later retract their statements or claim to remember nothing about the facts. This requires a professional and discreet approach to information management and witness protection.

The role of S.A.S. investigations in witness search investigations

S.A.S. plays a fundamental role in witness search investigations, providing strategic and operational support to the defense lawyer. Our expertise in the field of investigations allows us to identify and manage witnesses in a professional manner, ensuring maximum protection of their privacy and security.

The investigations of the S.A.S. are based on a methodical and professional approach, which involves the collection of information through open and confidential sources, the analysis and verification of the information collected, as well as the management of relations with witnesses. Our goal is to obtain concrete evidence that can be used in court to prove that the defendant is not involved in the charges.

The search for witnesses

The search for witnesses is a crucial stage of the investigation. S.A.S. investigators use a variety of techniques and tools to locate potential witnesses, including public record searching, document analysis, and online search. In some cases, interviews or interviews with people who may have useful information may be necessary.

During this phase, it is essential to ensure maximum confidentiality and protection of the information collected, to avoid any retaliation or external influence on witnesses. S.A.S. investigators are highly specialized in managing witness relationships, offering them a safe environment in which they can provide their testimonies without fear.

The evaluation of testimonies

Once the witnesses have been identified, the S.A.S. investigators proceed with the evaluation of their testimonies. This process requires a thorough analysis of the evidence provided, verifying its consistency and reliability. S.A.S. investigators use scientific methods and specialized tools to assess the credibility of testimonies, to ensure that they are usable in court.

Witness management

Witness management is a crucial aspect of witness search investigations. S.A.S. investigators are responsible for establishing a relationship of trust with witnesses, making sure that they feel safe and protected throughout the process. This includes managing communications, scheduling meetings, and protecting sensitive information.

S.A.S. investigators work closely with the defense lawyer, providing constant support during the preparation phases of the trial.

Witness privacy

Witness privacy is a top priority during witness search investigations. S.A.S. investigators take all necessary measures to ensure that the personal information of witnesses is protected and not disclosed to unauthorized third parties. This includes using advanced security protocols and managing information in accordance with applicable privacy laws.


Witness search investigations are a crucial aspect of defense investigations. Our investigators offer specialized expertise in finding and handling witnesses, ensuring maximum privacy and security throughout the process.

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