The witness search activity is connected to defensive investigations, or in support of the defense lawyer, specifically in the search for people who are aware of the facts and are thus able to demonstrate the non-involvement of the accused concerning a specific accusation.

It is well established that this type of investigation is very complex and involves the search for people who are willing to testify in court, with the risk of incurring any retaliation.

In light of the above it is good to keep in mind that, at this stage, people may be wary. Often and gladly we found ourselves in front of witnesses who confidentially admitted that they knew the facts and were willing to testify everything, but faced with the information assumption before a PM or sometimes in a courtroom, retract everything by saying to remember anything or to be unrelated to the facts.

Our goal is to work, in total respect of privacy, making sure that each statement can always be evaluated and confirmed, respecting the witness but also the facts to which they refer.

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