S.A.S.: A Leader in Security and Investigation Services

S.A.S. Investigation is a renowned company in the field of security services and investigations. With extensive experience in offering customized solutions for the investigative and security needs of organizations in different industries, S.A.S. has earned a reputation for reliability and professionalism.

Security Services Abroad

S.A.S. offers a wide range of security services abroad, ensuring the protection of personnel of international organizations in different parts of the world. One of the most significant successes was ensuring the safety of the staff of a famous NGO while traveling in Pakistan. Thanks to the planning and experience of our operators, we ensured that staff could do their job without worrying about their own safety.

Security Services in Africa

S.A.S. has also demonstrated its expertise in security services in Africa. In one case, their operators planned and ensured the safety of the staff of a multinational company during high-level meetings and visits to certain locations in North Africa and the Sub-Saharan area. Thanks to their presence and constant surveillance, we have helped to create a safe environment for staff to avoid dangerous situations.

Close Protection Services in Italy and Europe

S.A.S. also offers close protection services for important managers during travel in Italy and other European countries. Thanks to the experience, expertise, and training of our operators we are able to guarantee the safety of people in potentially dangerous situations. Our presence provides peace of mind and allows people to focus on their work without having to worry about their personal safety.

Investigations for Law Firms

S.A.S. is also renowned for its investigation services for law firms. In one specific case, we were commissioned by a large Venetian law firm to identify several fraudsters who had made themselves untraceable. Thanks to the experience and investigative skills we were able to find and reveal the identity of the fraudsters, allowing the customer to take the necessary legal action.

Corporate Investigations for Fraud Prevention

Another area in which S.A.S. Investigazioni excels is that of corporate investigations. In one case, they were commissioned by a leading company in the sale of high-end clothing to identify and report to the competent authorities a significant number of employees responsible for the theft of both material and money over time. After carrying out a thorough investigation, we put an end to the illegal activities of some employees and protect the interests of the company.

Consulting and Support

S.A.S. also offers consulting and support services in high-risk areas such as the Middle East. During the outbreak of the civil war in Syria, we were commissioned by an international company to monitor the situation in the affected area and report possible repercussions also in neighboring countries. S.A.S. provided valuable advice and supported the evacuation of employees to neighboring countries, ensuring their safety and well-being.

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If you are looking for security services, investigations, or high-level advice, do not hesitate to contact S.A.S. Our professionals will provide you with customized solutions to meet your security and investigation needs.

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