Security services

The term “security” defines an activity that analyzes, elaborates, and implements strategies aimed at preventing, managing, and overcoming events of a malicious and/or negligent nature, which risk damaging material, intangible, organizational, and human resources, both individual both collective.

In the corporate case, security is an activity designed to safeguard all corporate assets to ensure continuity, competitiveness, and growth.

Superficial management of security could lead to very serious business problems of both an economic, civil/criminal, and reputation nature.

S.A.S. is SPECIALIZED in providing security services both in Italy and abroad.

Our professionals, in addition to coming from law enforcement and armed forces departments, have gained further experience in HIGH-RISK areas, especially in areas located in ASIA, AFRICA, and the MIDDLE EAST.

Corporate security services

S.A.S. provides multi-layered solutions for corporate security. Our operators are very careful to study security issues in companies by focusing their attention on existing threats, which can be internal or external, and of different nature such as criminal acts, terrorists, etc. or even for simple inexperience on the part of the workers …

Close protection services

The close protection service is like a “tailored suit”, it has to be perfect. The world is becoming an increasingly unstable place due to various international crises and more and more people are becoming aware of their safety. Close Protection Service relieves customers’ stress load from potential criminal threats …

Security services for events

In recent years, security for public demonstrations and events has often and willingly ended up on the news pages of the most important national newspapers, with variable reasons, such as the scarce presence of Security or the presence of unsuitable personnel according to the obligations issued by the Ministry of the Interior …

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