When it comes to ensuring the safety of yourself or a prominent individual, such as a public figure or senior corporate executive, close protection services play a critical role. Before implementing any security measures, it is crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of potential threats. This makes it possible to identify specific risks and develop appropriate countermeasures to mitigate these threats.


During the analysis, S.A.S. experts will carefully evaluate the possible threats and possible scenarios of aggression that could occur. This could include kidnappings, terrorist attacks or attacks on a single person, or attacks on family or personal assets. Understanding these scenarios allows you to develop custom protection plans that are specific to each individual or situation. Once the risks have been identified, the most effective security measures can be implemented to protect the individual or individuals in question.


After identifying possible aggression scenarios, it is crucial to implement appropriate countermeasures. This could include the installation of advanced security systems, such as surveillance cameras, electronic alarms, or controlled access systems. In addition, it may be necessary to train security personnel to deal with emergency situations and to act appropriately in the event of a threat.

Another key component in close protection is accompaniment. Our highly qualified and trained operators can provide the necessary accompaniment to ensure the safety of the individual or individuals. This may include accompaniment during travel or accompaniment at public events. The presence of S.A.S. operators provide an additional security measure and can deter potential attackers.


Planning protection activities is an essential step to ensure the safety of the individual. This could include planning routes, identifying safe access points, or assessing high-risk areas. When planning, it is important to also consider the personal needs of the individual, such as the times of meetings or events they will attend, the state of physical health.

Our security experts can provide specific advice to increase personal safety awareness. This could include identifying suspicious behavior, training on recognizing potential threats, and taking appropriate preventive measures. Knowledge of the basics of safety is crucial to educate the individual about his personal safety and to ensure that they can recognize and deal with dangerous situations.


Surveillance and counter-surveillance activities play a crucial role in close protection. Surveillance activities allow you to constantly monitor your surroundings for potential threats or suspicious behavior. Advanced technologies, such as hidden cameras or other electronic equipment, can do this. In addition, S.A.S. experts are trained to recognize warning signs and take appropriate preventive measures.

On the other hand, counter-surveillance activities are aimed at preventing or foiling any hostile surveillance attempt. This may include identifying suspicious individuals who may be trying to monitor the protected individual or detecting hidden surveillance devices. Counter-surveillance activities are essential in ensuring the individual’s security and privacy.


Low-profile close protection is an approach that aims to ensure the safety of the individual without attracting unwanted attention. This can be especially important for high-profile individuals or those who wish to maintain their privacy. Low-profile protection is based on the adoption of discreet security measures that do not disturb the daily life of the individual.

This approach may include using unmarked vehicles for travel, wearing regular clothing for security officers, and avoiding any behavior that could attract unwanted attention. Low-profile protection is an effective way to ensure the safety of the individual without causing disturbance or attracting unwanted attention.


Safe transport on land, air and sea is a key aspect of close protection services. Security experts develop detailed plans to ensure that the individual’s movements are safe and risk-free. This may include the use of armored vehicles, the use of highly trained pilots and crews, or the implementation of special safety measures during sea voyages.

Safe transportation requires careful planning and the implementation of appropriate security measures. Security experts can assess the potential risks associated with each mode of transportation and develop customized plans to mitigate those risks. Safe transport is a fundamental element to ensure the safety of the individual at every stage of their movements.

In conclusion, close protection services play a vital role in protecting the personal safety of prominent individuals. Through an in-depth analysis of threats, the implementation of appropriate countermeasures and careful planning of protection activities, a high level of security can be guaranteed. Surveillance and counter-surveillance, together with low-profile protection and safe transport, complete the overall picture of close protection services. Whether it is services performed in Italy or abroad, the main objective is always to guarantee the safety and well-being of the protected individual.

The clientele that uses the services of close protection agents includes high-profile businessmen, athletes, industrialists, high net worth (HNWIs), people under threat, etc.

Our operators have extensive experience in working in Italy and abroad with individuals and families, from all over the world.


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